Casio GW7900B-1


Last week I ordered a Casio GW7900B-1 off eBay. I got it a few days later (here is my photo of it), I've been wearing it all week and I gotta say, it's a pretty comfortable watch. It has a lot of features, as you will read on the Casio site linked above. What I like best about it is the atomic timekeeping, because I'm a nut about my watches being accurate. I also like the rugged look and feel, as I've been known to bang my watches around a bit and this one seems like it will take a beating. Anyway, you can find a bunch of reviews about it Google so I'll just say I like it a lot.

P.S.: Some people say it's hard to read in low light, I don't find that to be true. They also say the alarm isn't loud enough... It's plenty loud!
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