Facebook: Inauthentic Name - Temporary Block

A weird thing happened today. Facebook blocked my account, stating my name doesn't look real. Oh ok, Facebook, because it's only the name I was given at birth, and have been using on your site for years now. But you're right, almighty Facebook!
Unfortunately, the name you entered wasn’t approved by our system. Please wait 10 minutes and then try again. When you try again, make sure you follow our formatting guidelines. Note that if your name is not approved, your account could remain locked. In the meantime, please review our name policy.
I then found this page where I could "appeal" for my account to be unlocked. Appeal... like a criminal!

It asks me to upload a Photo ID - not happening. I created a JPG with just a text rant in it, saying this is ridiculous, please fix my account. Then I submitted the form, clicking on their disclaimer at the bottom that says "I understand I won't get help with my account if I haven't uploaded a valid ID." .. we'll see.

Update, 1 hour later: It took my name as "Miki Real Bacso" - because that sounds legit, right?

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